What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning

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Wondering what happens when getting a dental cleaning? Preventive dentistry is important when it comes to caring for one's teeth in order to keep them healthy. One form of preventive dentistry includes routine dental cleanings.

About dental cleanings

Many people who have never undergone a professional dental cleaning want to know what to expect. This way, they are more likely to feel comfortable when undergoing the process. Dental cleanings not only help keep teeth clean to prevent gum disease, but they also allow one's teeth to feel smoother and look brighter.

What happens during dental cleanings

Here is what dental patients can expect to happen while undergoing a professional dental cleaning.

Oral examination

Before a patient undergoes the actual process of having their teeth professionally cleaned, they will need to undergo an examination of their mouth. This is necessary in order to look for any oral problems that may be taking place. Examples include swollen gums, dark spots on the teeth and a buildup of plaque. This examination is necessary because it helps the dental professional be aware of any additional areas they need to focus on.


After the examination has been completed, the dental professional will then use special dental tools in order to scrape away any plaque or tartar buildup from the surface of the teeth. How much buildup a patient has will determine how long it will take to remove all the plaque from their teeth. The scraping process does not cause any pain and is an essential part of every routine dental cleaning.


Once all the plaque and tartar have been removed from the surfaces of the patient's teeth, the teeth are then professionally polished. Polishing the teeth not only helps smooth the teeth out, but it also helps get rid of any harmful bacteria and any extrinsic stains that are present. Because there are different types of tooth polishing services available, such as therapeutic polishing, patients can ask their dentist what type of tooth polishing that they use.

Patients may also be in need of fluoride treatment, which helps protect the teeth from decay. Since decay leads to cavities, undergoing fluoride treatments helps reduce a patient's chances of getting cavities.

Bottom line

When someone is in need of a dental cleaning and knows what to expect, they likely will feel comfortable while undergoing the process and will be sure to make routine cleaning appointments on a regular basis. A dental cleaning typically only takes between 30 and 60 minutes to perform. For patients who experience any level of dental anxiety, it is important for them to let their dental professional know so they can better treat them.

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