General Dentistry Restoration Treatments: Dental Onlays

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General dentistry uses restorations like onlays and inlays to address damage to teeth caused by tooth decay or other issues. These restorations can be used to replace amalgam fillings, providing a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing alternative. Onlays can improve the function of teeth and restore their appearance.

How onlays are used in general dentistry

Onlays are usually made from materials that are color-matched with the rest of the patient's teeth so restorations made do not look unnatural. Onlays can be made from a variety of materials but porcelain and composites lead to the best aesthetics.

Onlays are mostly used to repair teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay. They are used to fill up small to moderately sized cavities. Also known as partial crowns, onlays are typically used when the damage to a tooth affects multiple cusps.

Damaged cusps lead to issues like toothaches, tender gums, and difficulty chewing. These issues typically get worse until the tooth is treated. Untreated tooth decay also increases the risk of a tooth becoming infected.

The dental onlay process

Onlays are custom-made for each patient so they blend in with the rest of their teeth and fit perfectly on the damaged tooth. The procedure for getting an onlay typically requires multiple visits to a dentist. During the first visit, the patient's teeth are prepared for the restoration by removing decayed tooth material and cleaning the tooth. A color chart is used to note the shade of the patient's teeth and an impression is taken. The impression is sent to a lab where onlays are made. The patient is fitted with a temporary onlay to protect their teeth while they wait for their customized crown.

It takes about two weeks for the patient's custom onlay to get back to the dentist. The patient comes in for a second appointment and the temporary onlay is removed. The patient's tooth is fitted with a custom onlay and any needed adjustments are made.

The benefits of treating decayed or otherwise damaged teeth with onlays include:

  • An onlay restores the appearance and function of a damaged tooth
  • Onlays help to preserve teeth compared to other restorations like crowns. Less tooth material is removed when fitting a patient with a crown
  • Onlays can last over a decade with good oral hygiene and regular trips to a dentist
  • Onlays do not discolor teeth like silver amalgam fillings
  • Onlays make teeth stronger since they are bonded directly to them
  • Onlays help to protect damaged areas from expanding

Enjoy the confidence boost that comes with an improved smile

Onlays are an effective way to treat tooth decay when it affects multiple cusps on a tooth. The end result is a natural-looking restored tooth that regains its functionality. You will feel more confident and willing to smile once your damaged teeth have been restored.

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